How to Do a Professional Manicure at Home

Most of the females love to pamper themselves. However, many of them do not have time or money to visit a professional beauty salon in order to have a professional manicure. If you are one of them, there is no need to worry, as one can easily have a professional manicure at home. You just need to take out a bit of your precious time in order to have a manicure at home, and follow some simple steps to have a perfect and a professional manicure.

Things Required:

– Soft (180-grit) nail file
– Soft (240-grit) buffer
– Orange stick
– Cotton balls
– Nail clippers
– Nail polish remover
– Paper towels
– Nail polish base coat
– Nail polish
– Nail polish top coat
– Cuticle oil
– Lotion


  • 1

    Before getting started, it is recommended that you clean your nails thoroughly. Take the orange stick, and roll one end of it in cotton until it looks like a large cotton swab. Take the nail polish remover, and dip the cotton into it to start cleaning your nails. Make sure that you rub the cotton in a circular motion. In addition, push back your cuticles to further scrub the surface of your nails.

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    Take the nail clippers, and start trimming your nails. Make sure that you maintain the shape of your nails according to your cuticles. After you are done with trimming nails, take out the 180-grit nail file and smooth down all the edges of your nails. Remember, all of your nails should be of same length. Now clean out the surface of your nails to remove all the ridges. Apply lotion to your hands and between your fingers as well.

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    Take the paper towel, and dip its edge into nail polish remover. Scrub your nails once again to remove any particles that were present on your nails. Now paint a layer of base coat onto the surface of your nails. Let it set for around 3 to 5 minutes. Once the base coat has dried up, start applying nail polish of your own choice on your nails. Make sure that the nail polish is applied on the entire nail in less than three strokes of your nail polish brush in order to prevent streaks. Wait for at least 5 minutes, and then start applying the second coat of the nail polish.

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    After the second coat of the nail polish has also dried up, apply the cuticle oil to your cuticles and massage them in. Allow your nails to dry out completely. It will take around couple of hours. Your professional manicure process at home is complete.

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