How to Pass the CFA Exam Level 3

CFAs (Certified Financial Analysts) are the most highly paid professionals in the world. In order to become a CFA, you have to pass all the three levels of examination. CFA is considered as the toughest studies in the field of finance. Many people appear in CFA exams every year, but a very small percentage clears the exams. Moreover, CFA Exam Level 3 is considered to be the hardest level of the study. Therefore, you have to make a very firm strategy for the preparation of your exam to pass it with good mark.


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    First, you must get the basic knowledge about the exam. The CFA Exam Level 3 has a time limit of 6 hours and there are 10 to 15 questions which you have to answer. You must possess a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent certificate and the passing grade of CFA Level 2 Exam so as to appear the in the Level 3 exam. The exam is conducted in the June every year and the result is provided within 90 days. You can register yourself for the exam at

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    You should know that there are many courses which you have to study for the exam and each course has different weight (10% weight is given to Ethical and Professional Standards, 5% to Quantitative Methods, 10% to Analysis of Equity Investments, 15% to Analysis of Fixed Income Investments, 10% to derivatives, 5% to Alternative Investments and 45% to Portfolio Management).

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    It is extremely important for you to set your preferences for the exam. For instance, start the preparation for that subject first which has more weight as compared to others and give more time to it. However, you must give appropriate time to all the other subjects to score good points in the exam.

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    Portfolio Management is the most crucial subject in the exam. Study as hard as you can in this discipline and practice on routine basis. You can take help from the online preparation centres which provide some good material for practice. Besides, you can also join any institution which is offering coaching classes for CFA.

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    You must know that CFA Exam Level 3 is quite different from the first two levels because you have to attempt complex case studies in this exam. Therefore, you must prepare your mind well in advance to pass the exam with good marks.

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