How to Perform a Touchdown Cheer in Cheerleading

American football is considered to be one of the most demotic sports across the world. Just about everyone has heard about it, and most people have either played the sport, seen it being played, or played in on a video game console.

So what we can agree on, is that American Football is one of the best sports out there in the modern day and age.

However, every now and then, the football players need a little motivation to keep going and to improve the level of their performances.

Cheerleaders are assigned to do just this, since they cheer the team on and throw in cheers when they do something good to get them even more motivated.

Doing touchdown cheers is probably one of the most crucial cheers for a cheerleader, since at this point anything that they do will get the players move pumped up and ready to push on forward.


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    Use player names

    One thing that cheerleaders need to focus on while making touchdown cheers, is that they need to use the players names in their cheer. This really gets the player who got the touchdown to feel very motivated and anxious to go on and score more points for his team.

    Using names has proven to be successful, but only to a certain extent and for that player only.

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    Do a team cheer

    Another thing that you can try doing, is to mix up an individual and a team cheer together to make one big cheer.

    Now the biggest advantage of this is that it is going to get the individual player to get his recognition, but it is also going to get the rest of the team to feel motivated as well.

    It is now easy to create a cheer like this on the spot, which is why you should try and practice as many team cheers before hand as you can.

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    Do flips and other moves

    Another way to get the team to really appreciate your cheer, is to throw in flips, leaps and other tricks into it.

    These are some of the hardest things to do on the football field, especially when the whole crowd is going wild.

    In order to pull of these cheers flawlessly, and without any major problems, look to practice all of these well in advance, so that you can execute them without any effort.

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