Spalding’s Infusion Basketball: Helping Me School Kids Even Faster

The best thing about Spalding’s Infusion Basketball is that it eliminates the need for the pesky basketball needle. In the past decade, I have bought over a hundred (exaggeration) of these tiny, awful needles, and I’ve lost every one of them. I just never knew where to put the basketball needle when I was done filling up the basketball. When it was time to refill the air again, I could never remember where I put the stupid needle.

This is why Spalding’s Infusion Basketball makes so much sense. Frankly, I’m very surprised this idea wasn’t thought of sooner. Let me give you a quick rundown of how this technology works. The people of Spalding have invented a dual action pump, a fine-tuning device that adds air pressure in small amounts, so the ball never feels flat. Let me clarify. There is this button that, once pushed, extends into something that the Spalding people have aptly named the Micro-Pump. To add pressure, you just push and pull on the Micro-Pump (supposedly one minute of pump time equals about 1 lb. of air pressure- whatever that means). You’ll know when the ball is ready. If you like your basketballs super bouncy then just pump more, if you need to release pressure align the Micro-Pump with the “U” on the ball and pull it 2″ away- push it back in when you’ve let out enough air.

Remarkably, Spalding’s Infusion feels like a regular basketball. I was weary when I first heard of this product, because I assumed that a built-in pump would alter the bounce and/or feel of the basketball. This could not have been further from the truth. If I didn’t know better (or if I happened to be blindfolded), I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a regular, pro-style ball and the Spalding Infusion. It’s that cool.

I’ve been a big basketball fan since about the fifth grade. It’s the one sport that I dislike watching but love playing. Whenever the weather turns nice, I’m out looking for a pickup game. In a good year, I try and play during the nine “fair weather” months, on the outdoor courts by my house. And now, thanks to the fantastic Spalding Infusion, I never have to waste time looking for a stupid basketball pin. I can school kids even faster thanks to my Infusion, probably the best in invention in basketball history since the dunk.

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