How to Perform Lunges on a Bosu Ball

Bosu Balls have been specifically designed to strengthen your legs and thighs, but they are not easy to use. One has to be aware of the proper technique of doing lunges on the bosu balls otherwise the results will not be positive.

You don’t need to hire professionals in order to learn the methods of dong lunges on the bosu. Although the process is a bit tricky, yet it is not that difficult and can be easily understood by a child too.

All you need to do is buy a bosu ball, which will help you gain strength in your leg and thigh muscles. Moreover, you will also be able to improve the overall balance of your body, which is highly beneficial for those who love riding or similar activities.


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    Position the bosu

    First of all, you need to position the bosu ball properly otherwise you will be unable to get solid results from the exercise. In order to do this, you will have to keep the flat side of the bosu on the surface. Moreover, you will need to keep your exercise tool close to a wall, so that it gets proper support and doesn’t slide when you perform the lunges.

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    Choose the lunging method

    There are two ways of performing the lunges, but you will have to decide, which one suits you more. You can either perform all the lunges on one leg and then do the same for the other or you can alternate legs in order to complete the exercise. Both methods are equally effective, but you should opt for the one you feel more comfortable with.

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    Position your legs

    Place your right foot over the bosu ball, keeping it aligned with the knee. Make sure your knee is not extended past the toes otherwise you will end up injuring yourself badly. Now, stretch your left knee straight back on your toes. Adopt a wider stance, as that will help you gain more strength in your muscles. However, you can take it easy if you are new to this exercise.

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    Start the lunges

    Once you have taken the right position, you can start performing the lunges. Simply bend you knee and drop it downwards on the floor and then repeat the motion in reverse order. You can do this with both legs in order to complete the exercise on the bosu ball.

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