How to Perform Standing Abs Exercises

Most people shy away from abs workout in the gym as abdominal exercises such as crunches and leg raising are quite tough and they put a lot of pressure on the lower back as well. However, what most people don’t realize is that you can do a number of effective tummy toning exercises while standing up. Standing abdominal exercise are not as rigorous or tough, but are equally good in building up the muscles. These exercises, together with a nutritious diet, can help you develop 6-pack abs in no time.


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    Stand straight with your legs at about the width of shoulders and your feet in the forward direction. Raise one arm towards the roof and make a fist with your hand. Start bringing your arms down while clenching and raising one of the knees to your chest height. This way you can do slight stomach crunches while standing up. The knee should cross the 90 degree angle mark just slightly.

    When your thigh makes contact with your stomach, bring that leg down and return both hands to their starting position. Repeat this step using your other leg. Keep on doing these till you have completed a total of 60 repetitions (30 for each leg).

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    The second exercise is pretty similar to the first one. Stand with your legs at shoulder’s width and the arms out spread out to the sides. Do not make a fist as your hands need to be straight, the fingers should be pointing in the sideways direction.

    Keep the arm straight and use your hips to sway your body from side to side. The tips of your fingers should touch the top of the knee cap while stretching and then return back to their original position. Do 60 repetitions of this exercise as well.

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    Start with your legs spread out in the similar fashion and position your hands as if you are doing a sit up on the floor. Lift your knee in the same way as described in the first step. After raising your knee, bend your body in the sideways direction as you did in the second exercise.

    You should not change sides during this exercise, perform 60 repetitions on one side and then change sides. You should feel a burning sensation in your lower abdominal muscles. If you can manage more than 60 repetitions, feel free to work out as much as you can.

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