How to Perform the Card through a Window Illusion

For ages, magicians have mesmerised people with their ability to perform things, which appear impossible to the human mind. They perform unbelievable feats with the help of some well thought out plans that require a lot of practice.

Card through window illusion is one of the oldest tricks in the book. A magician offers a chance to a member of the audience to pick up a card from the deck. Once told to stop, the magician  shows the card to the audience and then puts it back in the deck.

After shuffling the cards, the magician slams the pack of card on a nearby window and the card picked by the audience member sticks face up on the opposing side of the window.

It appears to be magic. However, it is not as complicated as it appears and the deception is relatively simple.

Like all magic tricks and illusions, it must be practiced well and executed with perfection.


  • 1

    The Station

    A station is made especially for this trick. It is a big glass window in front of a small room. It is built in a way, so that it is not entirely visible to the crowd.

  • 2

    The Deck

    The deck used in the trick has a couple of special features. One is that the card you want the audience member to pick has a duplicate available.

    The second is a card which is cut from the top and is placed in front of the card that will be picked.

  • 3

    Card Selection

    When the card selection process is done, the magician puts the partially cut card in front of the card to be selected.

    As he/she pulls the cards back, the member of the audience tells him/her to stop.

    The magician can now very easily pick the pre-determined card becuase he/she cuts the deck into two, with the help of the partially cut card.

  • 4

    The Distraction

    The magician then distracts the person involved in the trick by making some strange hand movements around the deck. This distraction plays a crucial role in the trick.

  • 5

    The Real Trick

    As the magicians distracts the audience member, one of their assistants sticks the pre-determined card on to the window from the inside of the station without anyone noticing. The magician then slams the cards on to the same place on the window and the deck splatter only to leave the right card on the other side of the window.

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