How to Perform the On-Again, Off-Again Trick

People often try to perform the on-again, off-again trick in the relationships as they try to test their sentiments and compatibilities in different situations. Some people do not think of it as reasonable idea while some believe that nothing is best and more than this. The on-again, off again trick is widely used in relationships to ensure the compatibility with each other. The aim of this trick is to get together whenever the things are smooth and get separated during your bad times to avoid getting involved in something serious.


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    Talk to your partner

    If you think that the trick is feasible and you want to try this out, you must first talk to your partner. Remember that it is of utmost importance that both of you should be willing to do that otherwise you can face serious problems and especially, the trick will not work. For this, you should first ask your partner and listen to her views on this very carefully. It is important that you give importance to her views and do not try to force things on her as this will not prove fruitful.

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    Explain her about the importance of this trick

    After you have listened to your partner, you must explain to her the benefits that you wish to derive from this trick. It is generally observed that people think of this trick as ineffective and thus are not willing to do it. Therefore, you must give her sometime and after she is normal and ready to listen to you, you must talk to her carefully. You should tell her that this will help you avoid getting into serious fights and both of you will be aware that this separation is temporary.

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    Plan the trick

    After you have convinced her to perform the on-again, off-again trick, you must start planning with your partner the situations at which you will follow these guidelines. Remember that, you should make sure that whenever the situation is going to escalate, you will follow the trick to avoid serious issues.

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    Follow the guidelines

    After you have outlined the guidelines of the trick, it is important that both of you should follow them. It is important that none of you tries to step out of the decided parameters and behave rationally during hard times. Keep in mind that following these guidelines will help you save the relationship.

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