How to Pick Novels for a High School Literature Course

Picking novels for school’s literature class has become a daunting task given the fact that a large array of novels published during different times of the literature history including the recent one has made the selection process more difficult. You can still manage to find a good collection of novels for your literature class by narrowing your choice down step by step.

You may also consider a number of factors to influence your choice. For example, you can assess level of students in your class and can take guidance from other instructors, what their choices had been for the literature classes.

Yet admittedly the process is not as easy as it might be thought. You have take care of your students’ interest and your choice in selection of novels at the same time.


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    Narrow Down Theme

    A good approach for selection of novels is that narrow down the theme. It can be that you select a certain period of history to pick novels from that era. Also you can narrow down theme in terms of American and British literature's era. Further, you have the choice to narrow down the theme by subject matter. It will help you to pick novels that may interest your students more than those from any other era or the subjects.

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    Take Advice From Instructors

    An advice from literature instructors who have been through this all can help you in selection of novels for your class. Also, you will get an idea what they have been teaching to their students so even if you do not pick their recommended topics you can select topics of your own within the broader line of their literature choices.

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    Consider Age of Your Students

    If you have an overview of your students' age, you can pick novels suiting their choices at that particular, although individual choice of all students will be different. For example, some might like history being told in a story and some might be interested in any social cause being promoted at a  particular time of history.

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    Consult Classics Form British and American Literature

    You can pick novels from a list of classics from British and American history. The selection process may not be easy still given there are so many themes and subjects claiming to be from era of classics novel.

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    Leave Students For Some Preference

    In addition to picking novels of your choice for your literature class, it is a good idea to leave a couple of books to be recommended or selected by students. Those can be read along with students, and this will students to get something of what they wanted, which might be quite different from your choice of novel selection.

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