How to Write a Coming of Age Novel

Coming-of-age literature is a type in which the writer discuses adolescents – young boys and girls – who are experiencing a transition in their life while facing some turmoil also. In the past, many such pieces of literature have earned mass acceptance and became international bestsellers.

If you have a unique coming-of-age story and want to make a great novel out of it then stop hesitating and put your words on paper. However, you will have to keep couple of important things in mind otherwise it will be just an ordinary saga which will be snubbed by the readers.


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    Do some research:

    Writing a novel does not mean that you will grab a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes into your mind. You will have to do some research to build interesting characters and formulate a well-knitted story. You may use internet for this purpose but the best way to equip yourself with useful information is to read the contemporary literature and notice some real life incidents.

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    Create characters:

    Next thing you will do is to create some interesting characters. Though, your inspiration will be real life, but you must remember that a novel’s character should have something special to lock the readers’ attention. You do not need to create super hero sort of characters in the coming-of-age genre but your characters must have something that differentiate them from ordinary people.

    You should do some extra work on the lead characters as the story will revolve around them. However, supporting characters are also important as they play a vital role in the development of story.

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    Decide the turmoil:

    Now, when you have all the characters, it is time to think of some core issues. Keep the psyche of adolescents in mind while deciding the turmoil. Moreover, you must highlight such issues that can be a common factor among them

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    Develop a plot:

    You must not face any problem in formulating the story if you completely understand your characters. Their actions and reactions will give birth to lots of incidents and you can make a good story by arranging those incidents in an order. The story of a coming-of-age is always subtle and close to the reality so there must not be a melodrama at all.

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    Write a first draft:

    It is time to start writing the first draft. This primary draft will give you a sketch of your novel and you will be able to make amendments after reviewing it later on.

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