How to Write an Executive Summary for a Research Paper

Writing an executive summary is a must in order to complete a research paper. You must write down the introduction, the literature review, the methodology and once you have completed describing in details about what you want to do and how you are going to do it, you must write an executive summary which must be included right at the beginning, after the abstract. It basically sums up everything for the reader and includes all the important points which have been mentioned in the research paper.


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    First of all you need to fully understand the gist behind the research paper which you have written. Focus on the fact that the executive summary is going to include each and every major point which has been covered in your research paper. For instance, if your research paper is regarding a certain cause and effect scenario, you must jot down all the major points which have been covered in your paper.

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    Once the basic points of your research paper have been jotted down, arrange them in a similar way as they appear in your report.

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    Now, write a declarative sentence for each and every point which has been written. You can always join two or more points, in case they do connect to each other.

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    Make sure that you are avoiding all unnecessary details. People often make mistakes of writing down examples which they have written in their research paper; they are actually not required. Similarly avoid using jargons as well.

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    Once you have written the summary, now it’s time for you to proof read it. Read through the whole summary carefully and slowly. Read it to yourself and make sure that it is conveying the purpose, message and the recommendations which have been mentioned in your research paper. Picture yourself as a third-party reader and make sure that not a single point is missing from the summary.

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    Always keep a close eye on the errors which have been made. Spelling, grammar and punctuation must be perfect.

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    Always ask someone else to read the executive summary for you. For instance, your parents or even your friends can read the summary and tell you what has been discussed in it. If you believe they are missing a point which has been mentioned in the report, simply add it.

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