How to Write a Literature Report

It is essential to prepare a literature review if you to present your views on any topic to a mature audience. However, writing a literature review requires dedication, determination and lots of time. Stylistic elements, theme, formatting and character development are some of the ideas you need to look into when writing literature. Since you will be writing a literature review for well-informed audience, you will be required to back up your arguments with facts and figures. Without solid and logical arguments, you are unlikely to impress the readers. Referencing your work is also important as it helps the audience understand your conclusion.


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    Consider writing a thesis outline before starting to write. Then you will be required to write a statement which should be debatable. As a researcher, you will need to evaluate a certain aspect of the work and critique it. It is recommended to determine the connection between the plot and characters.

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    You should also consider preparing a list of supporting arguments for your literature review. Keep the list next to you as you conduct your research to add more arguments to it. Your ideas should make up the bulk of the report. It is advised not to copy other people’s ideas and arguments as it will not leave a good impression on the audience.

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    It is recommended to include an overview of the subject or theory being put forward. Write the objective of your thesis. This can be included in the introduction or written separately. Your introduction should not be too long. If possible, keep it brief so the readers don’t lose interest.

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    If comparing arguments, it is important to explain how each work varies and talk a little bit about the similarities as some experts will agree with one thing but disagree with the other. Consider adding a lot of tables and figures into your thesis. This tells the audience that you have spent a lot of time doing your research. Figure and tables, however, should be referenced properly. Make tables and charts in a spreadsheet program. This will help you save your valuable time. Always create a title page and list of contents page.

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    When you are done writing the literature review, consider writing an executive summary and conclusion. Lastly, prepare a list of reference and sources used to complete the work. This should be placed at the end of the report.

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