How to Plan a Beach Honeymoon

Honeymoon holds a significant value as far as the physical intimacy between couples is concerned. A good honeymoon can provide a kick start to your married life, but doing so will require precise planning, according to the the tastes of your partner. If your partner is a sun loving guy, the best place for you to plan a honey moon is an exotic beach.

Beaches are romantic, and when coupled with the modern day facilities like lavish resorts and other accessories, your experience can be one to remember for a lifetime.


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    Select a beach

    The first and foremost thing for planning a beach honeymoon is to select a beach. Under ideal circumstances, you would want to head towards the famed beaches of Bahamas, Maldives, Thailand and Mauritius among many others, but it all depends on your budget. If your budget permits, go for these options and book a classy resort in advance. However, if you cannot afford this sort of lavishness, select the best option in your vicinity and make bookings.

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    Choose what to wear

    As mentioned before, a honeymoon is all about physical intimacy, and the proper clothes can add a lot of spark to your experiences. Before you depart for the trip, make sure that you have packed all your sexy clothes, especially the ones which can surprise your partner.

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    Ensure that you look and stay beautiful

    Staying beautiful during a honeymoon is a must. You should get your body waxed before departing and along with other beauty products, do not forget to carry a sun block with you. You would certainly not want to turn into a burnt lobster during the honeymoon.

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    Be prepared to bring out your wild side

    Although it is more of a metaphor, everyone man and woman has some instincts which he/she is afraid to display in public. These instincts represent your real emotions and may be quite intimate. But if ever there is a time to bring them out, it is the honeymoon time. Live your fantasies and don’t be reserve with the person who has committed his life to you. These emotions will only energize your relationship.

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