How to Plan Desserts for a Cookout

You have planned for a cookout and everything is ready, suddenly you realised that dessert is missing in the food list. What will you do as there is not much time for you to make a dessert? In such situations, you should go for such food item which are not only delicious but also easy to make.

You should plan your dessert for a cookout in advance and those that can be prepared ahead of time are the best option. Moreover, you should also ensure that your dessert is able to withstand the outdoor conditions.


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    If you want to keep it simple then choose seasonal fruits like mango, pineapple, banana etc. Take out their tangy and juicy flesh and brush them with coconut milk. After preparing them, you will cook them on a hot grill for couple of minutes and then it’s ready to serve.

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    You can also make fresh fruit pies and tarts as they can be served chilled or warm. You may use blueberry, apple, strawberry etc to prepare these pies. Moreover, you can also make fruit pastries but then you need an ice container to keep them chilled.

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    There is another way to present seasonal fruits and that is to serve them in slices. You just need to cut them in proper shape and size. Place them in serving platter and serve after sprinkling cinnamon.

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    Scrape the inside of a watermelon out and fill it with strawberries, grapes and other juicy fruits. Make sure they are ice-cold to leave a cool, colourful and flavourful effect on our guests.

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    You can make ice cream at home and save your time. However, you will have to preserve it in an ice container and eat immediately after the serving. You can improvise by taking cubes of fresh fruits and top them with homemade ice cream.

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    Another delicious and easy dessert is pudding with whipped cream. You can also prepare parfaits in much less time and effort. All you need is a large serving bowl and place the ingredients in layers.

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    Roasted marshmallows are also valid for cookouts. Take a shortbread cookie and paste dark chocolate on it. Then place a roasted marshmallow and set another layer of cookie. Similarly, you will make several layers of cookie, chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

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