How to Plant Grape Vines From Seeds

Growing fruit plants is a dream of most people who love gardening. If you are one of those people, who may want to grow grape vines from seeds. It can be a challenging task because the success rate is naturally pretty low. But there are certain measures that you can take to improve your chances of growing grape vines from seeds. Apart from grape seeds, you will need a paper towel, a Ziploc baggie, potting soil and plant pots for this task. Here is how you can get grape seeds to germinate.


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    Dampen a paper towel with a small quantity of water and lay the grape seeds on it. Only a few drops of water should be used to moisten the paper towel. Fold up the paper towel and place it inside a Ziploc baggie. Seal the plastic bag and label it by writing the date on which you are sealing the baggie. Use a permanent marker for this purpose.

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    In order to simulate the winter season required by grapes to grow, store the Ziploc baggie containing the grape seeds in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator for a period of at least 12 weeks. The ideal time for refrigerating the seeds is early part of January.

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    After 12 weeks, it is time to give the seeds a germinating signal. Take out the Ziploc baggie from the refrigerator and open it to ensure that the paper towel is still moist. If the paper towel is not moist, sprinkle few drops of water as before. Seal the baggie once more and store it in a place where the temperature is 85 to 95 degree Fahrenheit for two consecutive days.

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    Prepare a mixture of water and normal 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients in a 6:1 ratio respectively. Soak the seeds in this mixture to boost the germination process and soften the coating on the seeds.

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    Fill a plant pot with potting soil. Dampen the soil by sprinkling it with a small quantity of water and plant the grape seeds. Make sure that you keep the seeds warm and damp until they sprout. 12 hours of light from the sun or an alternate source and 12 hours of darkness are ideal during this phase.

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    After the seeds sprout, transplant them in your backyard at a place where soil is well drained and sun shines for at least 6 hours a day.

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