How to Play Badminton for Beginners

Learning how to play badminton for beginners can be challenging as there are different rules and regulations that you will need to understand. In badminton, you are required to hit a shuttlecock over the net to your opponent’s area and vice versa until someone makes a mistake by allowing the shuttlecock to hit the floor. Badminton is a highly competitive sport that can give you a really decent workout. Follow some basic guidelines to help you play badminton.

Things Required:

– Two or four players
– Badminton court
– Net
– Shuttlecock
– Badminton rackets


  • 1

    Set up a court

    First you need to make a badminton court. For this purpose you need to set boundaries of 44 feet long and 17 feet wide in case you are playing a singles match. If you are playing a doubles match, you need to set up the boundary to 44 by 20 feet. Then you need to set up a net in the centre as the top should be five feet off the ground.

  • 2

    Understand the object of the game

    In order to enjoy badminton, it is a good idea to understand the basic objects of this exciting game. Basically two players hit a shuttlecock back and forth over the net. However, you should not allow the shuttlecock to hit the ground.

  • 3

    Know faults

    You should know when a fault occurs in badminton. When the shuttlecock touches a player’s body or clothing, lands outside the boundary lines, hits the ground before the other player returns or does not clear the net, a fault has occurred.

  • 4

    Start with a toss

    Get a coin and start the match by tossing it. The player who wins the toss get to choose the side of the court and whether to serve first or not.

  • 5


    The player needs to start their serve from the back of the court on the right side. Then you need to hit the shuttlecock diagonally over the net to the other team or player. In case you fail to clear the net or the shuttlecock lands outside the service area then your rival will gain a point.

  • 6

    Keep score

    You should note down the points while you play. The player who wins a rally gains a point. If the player wins 21 points, they win the game. In case the scores are tied at 20, the player leading by two points will win. You win a match by winning the best two out of three games.

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