How to Play Bingo in Australia

Bingo is a game of numbers, equally popular all over the world, from UK to USA and Australia to New Zealand. Go to any church hall or a local club and you would find people who regularly play Bingo.

The rules of the game, the payouts and the play variations vary from country to country. Basically the players buy game cards with numbers marked on them in a 5 x 5 table, with the five letter “BINGO” appearing at the top of each column. However, in Australia, the rules and shape of the Bingo card is a bit different as compared to those used in UK and USA. So if you are planning to play Bingo in Australia, it’s better to understand the rules of Australian Bingo.


  • 1

    Go to a Bingo Parlour

    Go to a local Bingo Parlour in Australia. You can also use internet to search for the nearest Bingo parlour.

  • 2

    Buy your book of Tickets

    Just as in United States or UK, you have to purchase your game cards (also known as book of tickets). Remember you will be required to pay a small fee to purchase the game cards. In some Bingo parlours in Australia, the word “Bingo” is sometimes replaced by “Housie”; if you hear it, don't worry, it is the same as Bingo.

  • 3

    Understand your ticket

    In United States and various other parts of the world, the game card is divided into a table with five alphabets, B-I-N-G-O, appearing at the top of each column containing five of possible 15 numbers. However, in Australia, the Bingo grid consists of nine columns and three rows. Every row contains five numbers while every column contains a combination of one, two or three numbers out of the possible nine numbers.

  • 4

    Listen to the announcement for the commencement of the game

    Carefully listen to the caller to make an announcement of starting the game formally. The caller will then randomly select numbers, using a computer or a random number generator.

  • 5

    Understand which Bingo variation is being played

    There are many possible Bingo variations played in Australia. You need to carefully understand which variation is being played when you enter the game.

  • 6

    Mark off numbers quickly

    Listen carefully to the caller picking up numbers randomly and mark each number as it is called.

  • 7

    Stand up and shout out Bingo immediately after winning

    If you have met the requirements for winning the game, stand up at once and shout Bingo to let the conductor know that you have won the game. A parlour official will come to you and to verify your claim and ticket before awarding you the prize.

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