How to Play French Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a children’s game played all across the globe. Hopscotch can be played both indoors and outdoors and can involve one or more players. The game is very easy, although it does involve some physical exertion. You will need to draw a hopscotch grid before you can play the game. The way hopscotch grid is drawn varies from country to country and so does the name of the game. Hopscotch’s French version is known as ‘Escargot’ or ‘Marelle Ronde’. Here is how you can draw and play French hopscotch.


  • 1

    Use a piece of chalk to draw a large swirl. The swirl can be drawn on a sidewalk, pavement or any other flat surface. The grid would resemble a large snail having three large swirls. Right in the middle, the snail would have a small circle.

  • 2

    Draw boxes around the swirls. You will need to draw 16 lines in order to encompass all the swirls with boxes. Mark the boxes with 1 to 17 numbers. The outside box on the bottom of the first swirl gets the number ‘1’. The grid would be complete when you are done numbering all the boxes.

  • 3

    Hop into the box labelled ‘1’, pause for a brief moment and then hop into the box labelled ‘2’. Continue in the manner until you reach the box small circle in the middle of the swirl.

  • 4

    Make sure that you do not touch any of the lines while hopping your way to the circle in the middle of the swirl. If you do, you will have to lose the turn so that the next player can take their turn.

  • 5

    After you have hopped your way to the middle of the swirl, you will have to return to the first box in the same manner as before and make the round trip for a second time.

  • 6

    On your way back to the first square a second time, you can mark one of the boxes with your initials. This box would be your house. Other players will have to do the same if they are able to complete two trips of the swirl while hopping on the same foot.

  • 7

    Continue to play the game until all the boxes have been marked. You are allowed to take a moment of rest on both feet in a box which is marked as your house whereas you will have to jump over a box which is marked as another player’s house.

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