How to Play Nertz Card Game

Nertz is a rapidly proceeding card game that is almost like solitaire, but is played with at least two or more individuals, who use two or more decks of cards. It is a great game to enjoy some family time at home or on a vacation. Children and beginners can simply learn the rules or play alongside their parents as partners. The card game is also a good option for colleagues who want to meet after work or old friends who wish to play a game after a dance or dinner party. There are several ways to play Nertz card game to good effect.


  • 1

    Deck of cards

    Shuffle a deck of cards for every individual playing the card game. The cards should have different pictures or colours on the back of all decks. Count 13 cards one by one in a pile and turn this upside down. All the players need to do this at the start of the game. After that, every player places four cards in a line face up close to the pile of 13 cards. When each player possesses a pile of 13 cards and a row of four cards that are face up, somebody will say, “Go.”

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    Colour sequence

    Grab cards from your stack of 13, and play them on the four cards. You can either play red on black or black on red in a sequence that will be decreasing in value. For instance, if one of the 4 cards is a 5 of hearts, and you have a 4 of spades on the top of your stack of 13, you can place the 4 of spades on the 5 of hearts, just like you do in solitaire. Moreover, when this is done you need to look for a red 3 to play on the black 4.

  • 3

    What to do with aces?

    Put aces of any suit in the center of the table for any player to play. If the top card on your stack of 13 or one from your 4 cards is the ace of hearts or any other suit, place it in the center of the table. On the other hand, if any other person has the two of hearts, he should place this on top of the ace of hearts. By playing cards in the center you earn points. As a result of this, you should try to get all the cards that you can.

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