How to Play Nose Tackle

Nose tackle is said to be one of the most important positions in American football. It is a defensive position right in the centre of the field and the individual playing here has the responsibility to block any offensive players from the opposing side to enter from the centre. If the offensive players from the opposition start moving towards your team’s linebackers, that means the nose tackle is performing brilliantly. The nose tackle has to be extremely unselfish as he may never get the credit he deserves but his role is the most important.


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    Body type

    You need to have the right body type to play in this position. This position requires a player who is extremely strong and broad. The standard weight for this position is 350 pounds or more at the professional level. The height should be not more than 6 feet 4 inches as it becomes difficult for a very tall player to get leverage on an individual from the opposition.

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    You must have a selfless attitude

    The player must have a selfless attitude as he has to literally sacrifice his body to block players. He should not have an ego and must understand that the nose tackle does not get most of the glory in the game. The role of a nose tackle is restricted to the centre of the park and he may not have the opportunity to score or advance in the opposition’s half.

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    Read the game effectively

    A nose tackle must have the ability to read the game perfectly. He should have the understanding of how the opponent may come at him. This position is not only about strength as intelligence is key.

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    Know your opponent

    You must know your opponent’s tendency and game plays. Never underestimate the capability of the opposition and always be prepared for the worst. Complacency can lead you to a crushing defeat.

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    Team play

    Team play is probably the most important part of the game. You must have the courage to accept the responsibility. Tackle the ball and pass it onto a teammate that is advancing. If you do not play as a team, it will become almost impossible for you to win.

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