How to Play the Accordion Keyboard

The accordion is an instrument which looks like a keyboard, has mechanics of a harmonium, but its sound is totally different from both. Playing live music on an accordion is extremely common in Eastern Europe, where bands still believe that this musical instrument is in trend.

The accordion first came out in Vienna back in 1892, but back then it only had a keyboard and bellows. However, later, the instrument was fully modified and the chord buttons were added to it. The keyboard on top of the accordion is considered to be the same as the normal standard keyboard.


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    You must start off by examining the keyboard of this magnificent musical instrument. The keyboard on the accordion comes in different sizes. You can purchase different accordions of different sizes. Even though they will all have the same sound, the keys will be different and will give you a variety of options in terms of notes. A bigger accordion would give you a larger range of notes to play, while a smaller accordion will give you limited number of notes to play.

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    Start off by playing from the keyboard area of the accordion. The melody is played through the keyboard and by using simple chords which you would use in a piano as well. However, there is also an option to play chords automatically. There are buttons right on the other side where you can press them and play chords for rhythms while you can easily give the leads through the keyboard provided to you.

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    Now you must understand the two black keys given on the keyboard. Whenever there are two black keys, the next white key is considered to be a C note.

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    Now you must put your thumb on the C note and use your little finger to press the G, which you will find five white keys above C.

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    For beginners, you must learn a song which involves notes such as C, D, E, F and even G. This way you will not have to move your hand whenever you are playing that song. You will have to get familiar with the keyboard and then you can easily start to modify songs at will.

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    Practice always makes a man perfect and you should practice the keyboard section of the instrument time and time again. For starters, you should forget about the chord buttons.

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    Finally, start using the chord buttons whenever you think you have practiced enough on the keyboard.

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