How to Play the Keyboard Drum Set

A drum set is one of the most expensive musical instruments, and it takes plenty of practice to play it perfectly. However, if you are recording music at your own house, and you aim to add drums in your track as well without using the original drum kit, you can use a keyboard to do the job. Every keyboard or synthesizer has an inbuilt drum kit sound that is close to the original ones. Playing the drum set through keyboard or synthesizer is very easy, and one can comfortably add the drums sound to his/her track.


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    Choosing Drum Set Sound:

    The primary step to play the keyboard drum set is to determine which drum set sound you want to have for your track. All the professional keyboards and synthesizers come with several drum sets sounds that are used in different genres of music. If you are making a rock track then you should choose a rock drum set, but if you are making a jazz or dance track then you should choose a drum set accordingly.

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    Beat Pattern:

    After selecting the drum set sound for your track, you need to determine the beat pattern for your track. The most commonly used time signature or beat pattern in most of the songs is 4 beats per second (BPS). The drums will be added according to the beat pattern you have determined for your track.

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    Laying Down Bass Drum, Snare and Cymbals Pattern:

    Now you have determined the sound and the beat pattern for your track, it is time to start laying down your drums. Bass drum provides the foundation of the beat, so it is recommended that you should start from laying down the bass drum pattern. Once you have set the bass drum pattern, you should add snare to it. Snare should also be in a regular pattern as your bass drum, but remember that both of them interact in a predictable way. For instance, a normal 4/4 beat pattern is played in such a manner that the bass drum is followed up by snare in a loop continuously. After setting up your bass drum and snare, you should add cymbals in your drum beat. Make sure that you mix up the hi-hat and the ride cymbal to create a driving and energetic beat.

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    Tom Fills:

    Tom fills are used to add variety to your normal drum beat. Try to create a couple of fills that can be used in between the chorus.

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