How to Play Wheelchair Football

People with wheelchairs can also play football. They have regular competitions and this sport has also been part of the Olympics for some time now. There are six players in each team including a goalkeeper. The players from both teams try to score goals on the corresponding sides of the court in the two allotted 25-minute halves. The team scoring the most goals at the end of the game wins. There are some general rules that a player cannot hold the ball for more than five seconds so passing is the best way to score maximum goals.


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    Prepare or select the football field

    Preparing or selecting the field of play is very important as you cannot play wheelchair football on a soccer field. There are special courts designed to play this game which are almost the size of a basketball court. You can also use a basketball court for the purpose. The goals are set on each end of the court which are also smaller in size as compared to the goals in real football.

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    Ensure safety

    The most important thing is to ensure safety for all players before the game starts. Every player must be comfortable and the legs should be properly placed so that there is no injury during the game. There is always danger of a collision during the game so make sure that you have fastened your belts.

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    Begin the game

    Wheelchair football begins with a throw in from the sidelines. You need to get hold of the ball and score on your respective side. There is one goalkeeper whereas the other five players of each team are looking to score to get their side in the lead.

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    Follow the rules

    Rules must be followed throughout the course of the game. You can use your hands in this sport. The hands, feet and the chair can be used to move the ball forward. However, the rule is that you cannot hold the ball for more than 5 seconds in one go.

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    Sudden death

    If there is no result in the two 25-minutes halves, you can go for sudden death. This is a 10-minute extra time period in which the team scoring the goal wins.

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