How to Prepare For PCS Pre Exam

The protective coating specialist (PCS) exam is managed by the Society For Protective Coatings (SSPC), which is a United States based non-profit organisation. The focus of SSPC is on protective coatings on all kinds of construction materials such as concrete and steel. Make sure you know that clearing the PCS exam proves to possible clients or employers that you have the skill and talent needed to work in the industry. Remember that there are a number of ways to prepare for PCS Pre Exam with good effect and pass it to get a decent job.


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    Getting started

    Go to the SSPC site and read the whole application given there. You will be required to fill out the application, and give details like contact information, work, education, experience letter, three references and proof that you are presently working in the coating industry. Also check the guidelines on their website to see which courses you need to take before the exam. These depend on the person’s education and previous work experience. For instance, the SSPC recommends that a candidate with 15 years experience in the industry can skip the C-1 course and exam, and in turn appear for the C-2 course and exam.

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    Further instructions

    Remember that amateurs should take the C-1 exam before taking the C-2 course and exam. It is advised that beginners should sit for both exams and courses if they are appearing for the first time. You can enroll and take these courses on the internet by visiting the training section of the SSPC site. It is also recommended that you go through the suggested reading section on SSPC's website as well. Know that the PCS exam contains multiple choice and essay questions. These are prepared from the additional reading materials and the details provided in the C-1 and C-2 preparation courses.

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    Assess yourself with sample tests

    Test your knowledge using sample test questions offered on SSPC’s site. There are about 10 sample papers on the website, divided between essay and calculation types. Make sure you check the answers which are listed online on their website. In order to pass the PCS exam you need to score at least 70 percent. However, you should look to score the passing marks or even better on the sample test. Once you are ready, enroll for the actual exam online.

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