How to Prepare Notes for a Literature Exam

Literature is one among tough and dry subjects, which require proper concentration and hard work. Luckily some literature instructors possess flexible teaching rules and therefore believe in an open-book exam, allowing students to bring in literature notes. Isn’t it super cool? Of course it is! However, many students could not get benefit of such amazing opportunity as they do not know how to prepare notes for the open-book literature exam and bring in all the materials, ending up in poor paper. Don’t forget that this leniency is of no use for you until you don’t know how to prepare notes for a literature exam. Well-organized and proper literature notes are the ones that contain all the relevant data will be very helpful in finding the required answers within few seconds.


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    Characters’ Notes

    Literature's’ exam revolves around the main characters. There is nothing going to be more disgusting for a literature’s instructor than a student who doesn’t know characters’ names on literature exam. Therefore, make through and to the point notes of the main characters.

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    Don’t Forget Important Dates and Settings

    Another tactic that your Literature instructor can use in the exam is to ask you to identify a piece by its date or setting. So make sure to compose a proper note of the important dates and settings.

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    Important Events

    Important events also carry marks in the literature exam. Discuss the numerous important events that took place during the writing of the specific piece. After that, it is essential to make a few notes about the happenings when the piece was taking place. These notes are helpful in determining the reason why the author might have written down the piece, helping you to identify the story.

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    Notes about the Author

    Learn by heart not to forget making notes about the authors as it is more essential than you might think. On the other hand, your instructor may also ask you to identify the authors. So, proper authors’ related notes will be helpful in this regard, especially if you could not get time to read up on the authors.

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    Authors Time Period

    Literature notes regarding the authors might not be helpful until you do not make notes about their time periods and their achievements or contributions. Make sure to highlight important aspects of their contributions as well.

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    Find out Real Meanings

    While making notes for literature exam, make sure to thoroughly read between the lines in order to find the real meanings. Your professor will be looking for more than what the written story says. He/she would not be interested in a story, written word for word. What they will be searching is “what the written story means.” Therefore, after reading the story, make sure to write down your thoughts straight away, ensuring that your notes are as thorough as possible.

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    Organize the Literature Notes

    Your literature notes are of no use until you don’t organize them properly. It helps in spending more time writing during your exam, than searching for the written notes. Once you write down the Literature Notes, organize them properly and number them. Now list them on your first page directory so that you can find out the required notes as soon as possible.

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