How to Preserve Dried Soy Beans

Dried soybeans when preserved in the right container last up to a whole year. Irrespective of the quantity of dried soybeans that you want to preserve, an air tight jar of one any material is the basic requirement. Remember that without the optimum environment, dried soybeans may not even last a month. For this reason it is important to create the correct environment for storing dried soybeans. Here is how you can accomplish this simple task to increase the usefulness of dried soybeans and thus save a lot of money.


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    Thoroughly check for soybeans that are already affected by moisture or insects. These are the two primary factors which you need to eliminate in order to preserve the dried soybeans. Small insects can be seen clinging to the dried soybeans where as moisture will cause to the beans to soften up and in some cases lose colour and develop a growth of mould. If there are any soybeans that you think may have been affected from any of these two factors, remove those beans from the bulk right away.

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    Properly wash an airtight container in order to kill any germs present in the container. The container can be made of any material such as glass or metal. Set aside the container in open sun until it is completely dry. Apart from evaporating the moisture, heat from the sun will kill any germs that may have been left even after you had washed the container.

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    The airtight container that you plan on using should barely be large enough to hold all the dried soybeans. Pour the dried soybeans in the airtight container and seal the container properly. Make sure that the lid is in good shape are will not allow entry of air into the container.

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    Affix a paper label on the container. With a permanent marker, write ‘soybeans’ on the label along with the date on which you are preserving the soybeans. This will help you keep track when the soybeans will expire in the future.

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    A cool, dry and dark place is best for storing the sealed airtight container. Root cellars, basement shelves and pantries are some of the locations where you can store the container in which you preserved soybeans.

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