How to Prevent Downloading Spyware When Using Skype

Although skype itself is free of spyware, still it may become a gateway from where spyware can attack your system. A file or a programme you downloaded using skype might have been a spyware and now you have a problem which needs to be addressed immediately to prevent loss of personal information and other important data that you might have in your computer.

If you are careful enough, it is easy to prevent downloading spyware when using skype.


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    Using your computer without an anti-virus programme is nothing short of blunder. If you do not have an anti-virus programme, get one and install it right away. Enable ‘automatic updates’ for your anti-virus programmes. In case you want to do things manually, remember to check the vendor’s website often for security updates.

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    You have to keep in mind that spyware and virus are two distinct entities. Anti-virus software may not be able to prevent a spyware attack on your computer. Make sure you install anti-spyware software and remember to keep it updates with the security updates released by the vendor from time to time. Countless spyware are created and spread over the internet every day. You anti-virus programme will not be able to stop an attack of newly created spyware if it is out of date.

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    If an unknown person tries to contact you on skype, deny their request. When using skype, it is not only strangers you need to be aware of. Intentionally or unintentionally, your friends may become the cause of a spyware attack on your computer. If a friend sends you a file on skype, remember to ask for an explanation before you authorise the file transfer.

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    If you receive a link to a URL, do not click it for all you know, it may be a link to a spyware website or may directly download spyware or malware directly to your computer. Establish the URL’s authenticity before opening it.

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    Just like you anti-virus and anti-spyware software, remember to receive and install latest security updates for skype. Use only the official website for this purpose.

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