How to Prevent Gas in Babies

Most infants face the problem of excess gas in their digestive system which may lead to many other problems. This may cause pain in the stomach and their diet may also be affected. One of the main reasons for gas problems is excess air in the stomach which can be treated through medication. You need to take some other things into account also, such as changing the position of the baby when breastfeeding or using a bottle to feed milk. However, it is always good to visit a doctor so that the condition can be diagnosed and treated in time.


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    Burp the baby

    It is extremely important to burp your baby after he or she drinks milk or after breastfeeding. You need to burp the baby after every session of breastfeeding or whenever he or she has eaten something. This helps in digestion of the food and it will take out a lot of heaviness.

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    Bottle feeding

    One of the main reasons for gas in babies is the extra amount of air they swallow. You can limit the extra air the baby swallows by feeding him or her from a bottle. It is important that you keep the bottle at a 45-degree angle so that the flow of milk remains constant.

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    Adjust the position of feeding

    You need to adjust the position of breastfeeding. Babies generally look to receive milk quickly from the breast and this may result in intake of large amount of air. This can be reduced if you change the position of the baby while you breastfeed, the principle being to keep him/her at nearly 45 degrees to the breast.

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    Change your diet

    You must change your diet to prevent gas in the baby if you are breastfeeding the child. Prevent foods such as broccoli, junk meals and carbonated drinks.

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    Take doctor’s advice

    A good way would be to visit a child specialist. Doctors get to the root of the problem quickly and can get rid of  your baby's gas problem by recommending some techniques/diet plan and in some extreme cases, medication.

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