How to Prevent Late Night Snacking

Just before bed while watching television, you find yourself magnetically drawn to the fridge to munch on a sandwich or a wafer pack or worse a packet of crisps. This packet of crisps destroys your diet plan because soon after it you head for the bed where your rate of metabolism and digestion is very low. Most of us go for late night snacking not because we are hungry but because we need to do something to keep ourselves busy. This leads to over eating at a time when our body does not want it. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to prevent late night snacking.


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    Eat the right snacks:

    If you choose to eat snacks that have both carbohydrates and proteins, it is not going to harm your body. Yogurt, fruit, cereal and low fat cheese are options that you can eat without worrying to change your habit.

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    Do not bring in extra food:

    You love that large bar of dark chocolate, dont you? Since you love it you dash for the opportunity to eat it. What if you do not bring it into the house in the first place? Well if you are the type who will still drive to the market late at night to get that chocolate because you did not bring it earlier, we give up on you.

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    Drink it:

    Change the medium of your food. Go for a cup of tea (preferably green tea), sugar free hot chocolate and milk which curb your appetite and give you the filling feeling you need before going to bed. Drinking water helps taking away the temptation to eat for a while.

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    Eat a full dinner:

    Eat a hearty dinner that leaves no space for a late night snack. Add beans and bread to it which are rich in fiber. People who miss breakfast tend to be more attracted to calorie intake late night so do not miss the first meal. Eat three regular meals and avoid taking any snacks between them.

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    Distract yourself:

    Late at night when you have time before bed, get involved in an activity that captures all of your attention like reading a good book or any other hobby. This will keep your mind concentrated and away from all the distractions in the refrigerator or kitchen.

  • 6

    Brush your teeth:

    When you start getting cravings for something late at night, walk to the washroom instead of the kitchen. Brush your teeth. It will take away every desire to eat, at least for a while.

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    Make self rules:

    Instill a sense of discipline in yourself. Keep a food diary where you plan your diet and record what you actually do. You will realize that the late night snack ruins everything for you.

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