How to Prevent Urine Spots on Lawns

Many households face the problem of urine spots on their lawns. The problem is generally created from their own dogs that are not trained. Neighbourhood dogs and cats also contribute to the problem. A dog’s urine has a high amount of nitrogen in it which leaves spots on the grass. You can avoid these spots by frequently watering the lawn and training your dog to urinate in a dedicated place. Fertilising treatment can also be used for this purpose and if you are tired of neighbourhood pets damaging your grass, fence the lawn to get rid of this problem.

Things Required:

– Fence
– Fertiliser
– Resistant Grass


  • 1

    Fence your yard

    If you do not have a dog, make sure you fence your yard so that no neighbourhood dogs can urinate on your lawn. In this way, any stray dogs or neighbourhood pets may not enter the lawn and your area will be safe and clean.

  • 2

    Dedicate a place in the yard for your dog to urinate

    You must dedicate a specific area in the yard where the dog can urinate. The area should be covered with gravel, soil or sand. However, you will need to train your dog by walking it to this area whenever it has to urinate. You will have to develop the dog’s habit in order to keep the lawn clean.

  • 3

    Frequently water your lawn

    You must water your lawn on a daily basis to keep it clean from urine spots. The water will dilute any nitrogen in the dog’s urine and the lawn will remain clean. However, if you do not water the garden frequently, the spots will not go that easily.

  • 4

    Fertilise the lawn

    You can fertilise the grass with a product that has minimal amount of nitrogen in it. This will help in removing the stains of urine on the lawn. Make sure the fertiliser does not have a higher amount of nitrogen as that will only increase the spotting.

  • 5

    Plant resistant grass

    You can plant resistant grass for this purpose. Alkali grass is one type that resists urine spots on the lawn.

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