Bambu Bamboo Cutting Board Product Review

As kitchen design and trends continue to turn toward eco-friendly materials and sustainability, I set my sights on the values and benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is one of nature’s gifts offering versatility and multiple uses in a variety of settings. The Bambu cutting board is a 100% organic bamboo board, offered in unique and distinctive designs for your home kitchen. The Bambu cutting board is made in China with an emphasis on fair trade, fair practice, and respect for the land. This hand finished cutting board with a food-safe wood oil prime offers kitchen enthusiasts a sleek and contemporary look for the eco-friendly kitchen.

The Bambu board is available in a variety of sizes; since I was seeking an addition to my growing cutting board collection, I was looking for something no larger than 15″ long,. I was happy to find two choices; a 9″ x 6″, or a 15″ x 11″. Both are available in a Golden Brown or Natural Blond, of which I opted for the latter to match my recently purchased bamboo coasters. Prices range from $14.95-$19.95 depending on cut and style. The Bambu cutting boards are made of vertical-grain bamboo, making them less likely to break, scratch, and diminish in strength over time. Their durability and sustainable materials make them a strong fit for most kitchens.

Bamboo is reportedly one of the strongest, toughest, and environmentally friendly cutting board materials available on the market today. Since bamboo is a renewable resource, a Bambu cutting boards is a top selection of the environmentally conscious, and is a great handmade kitchen component. The look and finish of bamboo gives any kitchen a nice, sustainable look; the Bambu cutting board is long-lasting and steadfast in construction. Handmade in China, the Bambu brand also offers solidware, serving trays, lacquerware, nesting baskets, and stainless steel utensils. Since it does not absorb much moisture, a bamboo cutting board will not shrink or warp easily.

I found the Veneerware line from the Bambu brand to be another valuable addition, and look forward to a matching purchase this summer. This set of dinnerware is constructed completely from bamboo stalks, and is a lightweight version of a dinnerware set. Veneerware offers both large and small dinner plates, knives, forks, spoons, and serving trays and bowls. These are intended for single uses only, akin to a paper plate but with a little flair. I think these will be great for picnics, outdoor parties, and general summer fun!

The Bambu brand is a key market leader amongst today’s bamboo kitchenware and accessories. This brand in particular is attractive because of its focus on 100% organic components, stylish design with varying wood trims, and extensions into serving utensils, dinnerware, and server pieces. Having such a great material to work into your kitchen is easy, and is well worth the investment!

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