How to Program a Directv Remote to Any Television

The most recent Directv DVRs, or digital video recorders are simple to program than the old Tivo models. In yester years, you had to contact the customer service or search the internet to get the correct code to input in order to allow their Directv remote to control functions on their television like channel or volume. With the recent models (Directv is no longer associated with Tivo), a viewer can obtain a list of these codes by going to the menu. The codes are given alphabetically by brand, and every brand has anywhere from one to 12 codes the viewer should try in order to get the right one.


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    Whether the code will work or not?

    If you own a brand new television, or even an old one, these codes could not work. On the other hand, you might not be able to program it all if your brand is not listed. Moreover, there is a code find feature, which goes through every one of the codes from the first to the last searching for the particular one for your tv. Nevertheless, this process can take up to at least half an hour.

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    How to program your Directv remote to a tv?

    Fortunately, there is an easier way to tune your Directv remote to almost any tv. These steps might not work with a tv that has a built in DVD or VCR player. This has been tried with a standard DVR, not a high definition DVR. It can work fine, and could need a different set of manuals. Also, these steps will definitely not work with the old Tivo model. If your tv model is not among the list of codes and you only want to try a shortcut method, these methods will help you before you get in touch with the customer service.

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    Steps to program your Directv remote

    Switch on the tv. Find the switch at the top of your remote that lets you to go between receiver, auxiliary and TV modes. Move switch over to “TV”. Press down MUTE and SELECT until a green light appears twice at the top of the switch. Enter code 9911. Click and release the CHANNEL UP button several times until the tv turns off. Press the SELECT button when tv is switched off. Press the power button, to turn on the tv. Enter code 960 and slide switch to “DTV”.

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