How to Get Gum Out Of a Dryer

Finding about the gum inside your dryer can be a panicking experience as it can ruin your expensive laundry, leaving them speckled with sultry residue. If you don’t get the gum out of a dryer timely and properly, it will melt in your dryer’s heat and can stick to several parts of the drum. Don’t give up when you find that muggy gum in your dryer’s drum. Instead, try the suggested methods in this simple guide to get it out of your clothes dryer and enjoy a clean and smooth laundry.


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    Water Method

    It is the simplest method to get gum out of a dryer. Follow the given below steps:

    Remove your dryer’s sheet and soak it in lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes or until soaked well.

    Remove the dryer’s sheet from water and set it on the top of the gum in the dryer. Leave it for the next 15 to 20 minutes.

    Now turn on the dryer and let its drum do way with the spots of gum.

    If you still find some gum residues in the dryer, use the sheet to scour them off.

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    Ice Method

    It is simple and very useful method to do away with the gum in the clothes’ dryer. Follow the given below instructions for this purpose:

    Place some ice-cubes in a medium sealable plastic bag and hold it against the sticky gum for few minutes to harden it properly.

    Scratch away the gum, using a plastic scrubber of spatula. Continue scrapping until the gum is removed properly.

    Now mix up 50-percent of vinegar and 1-quart water.  Dip a piece of cloth or towel into the solution with a gloved hand and wipe over the possible remaining gum spots to do away with them properly.

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    Fabric Softener Method

    The fabric softener used in washing clothes works to do away with the gum in a dryer. Given below are the simple steps involved in it:

    Grab a piece of cotton fabric or a lint-free linen and dip it into the fabric softener until completely wet.

    Squeeze the excess fabric softener and rub it the cotton cloth or linen energetically against the gum in the dryer to peel it off as much as you can.

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    Remove the chemicals’ traces at the end

    Once you get the gum out of your dryer successfully, dip a rag into lightly warm soapy solution and wipe off all the traces of the chemicals used. Clean off the soapy solution with some clean tap water and enjoy gum free dryer.

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