007 Best James Bond Gadgets Ever

The TV icon, James Bond, is not only famous for his good looks and classy appearance. Neither is he famous for the pretty ladies he has around him all the time. In fact, gadgets have played a significant role to make James Bond one of the best heroes in the history of film industry. This might also be the reason why people still look forward to James Bond movies once they come out. James Bond has conceived several gadgets throughout the years the movie has been filmed. Many different Bonds have been selected over the years and they have all come up with a new gadget every time. Here is a list of the best James Bond gadgets which have been conceived.


  • 1

    Ski Pole Gun

    When The Spy Who Loved Me came out, James bond was seen using a 30-calibre ski pole rifle in order to shoot people. The twistable top would reveal the trigger while there was also a four shot clip in its handle.

    Ski pole gun
  • 2

    TV Watch

    This gadget was shown by James Bond at least thirty years before it actually came out. It helped him catch video transmissions wirelessly.

    tv watch
  • 3

    Clothing Brush Communicator

    Actually concealed as a lint brush, it was hard for people to comprehend that it was actually a telephone for James Bond. It made things easier for him whenever he needed to communicate with someone.

  • 4

    Bowler Hat

    This was used in Goldfiner and was one of the deadliest weapons in any of the Bond movies. With razor-sharp steel rim, Bond could easily throw it at anyone who was in his sight. The movie showed that the hat was so strong that it could even cut through stone and metal.

  • 5

    Cigarette Darts

    The movie You Only Live Twice showed Bond using cigarette darts. It allowed him to shoot a target from as far as 30 yards away.

  • 6

    Rocket Pack

    This was used in the movie Thunder Ball. It became extremely famous after Bond managed to flee from a location once he was done with an assassination. The rocket pack allowed him to leap from one place to another.

    rocket pack
  • 7

    Piton Gun

    There have been several weapons with grappling capabilities used by Bond but the one used in Golden Eye was the piton gun which helped Bond not only climb certain places. In fact, the laser cutter allowed Bond to get past almost any obstacle that came in his way.

    piton gun

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