How to Adjust Pressure on a Respironics Bipap

A bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machine can help you improve your sleep quality, also offer some comfort to your partner sleeping next to you by keeping your snoring level down. The machine helps improve breathing by maintaining the pressure at a right level. This can also help in treating the sleep apnea disease. However, you need to adjust the pressure level on the Bipap at a right level. You can get help of your partner to do this, or else can do yourself. The task is not difficult if you follow proper method.


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    Standby and Monitoring Screens

    You first of all should locate standby and monitoring screens. These two screens can lead you to access many settings of the machine. So better locate the screens by plugging Bipap in. Watch then for appearing of standby screen, which should display the numbers '888.8'. then if you press the On and Off button on left of the display panel, you will see the monitoring screen popped up. It should display the number '888.8' as well.

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    Rise Time

    Rise time is the amount of time that the Bipap machine takes to change from exhaling pressure to inhaling pressure. You can change this time. From standby or monitoring screen, and press the 'user' button from the control panel on the right side until it displays the 'Rise Time'. You can then use 'Heat' button to increase the time of the pressure or use 'Ramp' button to decrease the pressure. Do make excessive changes in the panel, as this can affect the pressure in the mask and might cause trouble in breathing for you.

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    Modify Pressure

    You should modify ramp pressure. The option provides the lower air pressure while you are asleep. The adjustment gradually increases the pressure, while you continue to sleep. You can adjust the pressure from the standby or monitoring screens by following the same procedure as you have done while adjusting the rise time. Choose the heat button to increase the air pressure and ramp button to lower the pressure. The adjustment in the pressure can help you sleep more comfortably as this will increase the breathing process.

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