Speech-Jamming Gun Developed By Japanese

Humans have been inventing guns for different purposes. Some fire bullets and others lasers, but an eccentric and unsettling new gun being developed by a pair of Japanese researchers that can silence people in mid-sentence. This inventive gun shoots sound waves in an effort to disrupt and effectively jam the words of speakers who are over 100 feet away just by pointing its visor at them.

An idea of Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) is being used by the researchers to operate the gun. A microphone that is attached on the top of the gun records the sound being made by the target, and after a short interval of around 0.2 seconds, playing it back with a directional speaker. This effect is extremely mystifying to the human brain, making it unable to talk or hold a conversation. However, it doesn’t cause any physical anxiety and has no harmful effect.

“This effect can disturb people without any physical discomfort, and disappears immediately after the speaking stops.” The researcher wrote this in their report. “Furthermore, this effect does not involve anyone but the speaker. It is expected that the negative aspects of speech can be relaxed by the ability to jam remote people’s speech.”

According to researchers, the gun is intended to be used in quiet spaces and for innocuous purposes. For instance in libraries, to stop people from chatting and enforcing rules requiring library patrons to keep quiet.

Yahoo argues that there can be serious problems occurred, if this gun is being used by law enforcement and other agencies at protests or political rallies.

An initial study has found that it can be used when someone is reading a prepared speech rather than more spontaneous chat, meaning it is an awesome device to give a shut up call to your least favorite politician.

But overall the device isn’t bad, in fact it can improve the lives of people with a speech impediment.

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