Top 10 Inventions that Changed the Lives of People

The human mind has created wonders which have changed the world. These wonders aka inventions have made our lives easier and better. There have been numerous inventions in the modern era but only some have had a huge impact on the way life is lived and percieved in our age.


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    This invention has been used in everything from cars to machinery. Nobody is exactly sure of who invented it but numerous civilizations have been using it. It allowed us to travel faster, build structures and make many other machines.

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    The invention, to which many people contributed, has made it possible to sip cold water in scorching heat. It has revolutionized our eating habit, by giving us access to lots of different types of food items through preservation.

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    When telephone was invented, it was nothing less than a miracle to speak to people without being physically present. It enhanced communication around the world. This invention of Graham Bell paved way for many others innovations.

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    Printing Press

    Invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450, priniting press made sharing of knowledge possible. The information that was only stored in people’s heads could now be printed and spread across continents. In short, it made education much more easier and accesible.

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    Light Bulb

    Invented by Thomas Edison, the bulb laid the seeds for the development of  modern power infrastructure. Had the light bulb not been invented, electricity would have been very expensive.

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    Back in time, a simple calculator was thought to be a complex device. The invention of computer raised the bar of human intelligence. Computer allows us to enter a different virtual world. It is used in business, for leisure, controlling satellites and so much more. It was invented by Charles Babbage.

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    This invention does not need any introduction. It started as a horseless carriage and now it is used by all and sundry. It has made travelling fast and easy; distances are no longer a problem. The modern version of the automible was introduced by Karl Benz in the late 19th century.

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    Steam engine

    There are many people who contributed to the invention and design innovationss of a steam engine. The first engine had a very low efficiency but it was a great step forward from the days when we had to use hands to operate machines. It has paved way to industrial revolution.

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    The Plow

    The plow has hit a back seat with the invention of new technologies but it introduced a very important concept, helping us to grow crops and make harvesting easier. Its history dates back to the Roman empire.

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    It has literally has changed our lives. Internet is an advanced communication system through which we can transfer data, pictures, videos, letters, information etc.

    A single person did not create the internet, and was already under the use of US military before it was introduced to the public in the last decade of the 20th century.

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