Corning’s Ultra Thin Willow Glass Can Wrap Around Devices

Corning, the developers of Gorilla Glass, has showcased a newer flexible and ultra-thin glass named Willow Glass. The latest innovation can “wrap” around a device and was revealed at the Society for Information Display convention known as Display Week. The companies previous Gorilla Glass is used in most mobile devices because of it is thin and sturdy nature. With the added feature of flexibility, Willow Glass may eventually replace the older version of Gorilla Glass.

Samples of Corning’s latest innovation have already been sent over to manufacturers who may be in the process of developing new screens for their products. Willow Glass has not been created just for mobile devices and can be used on any device that wants a thinner more flexible display. However, the current demand for the Gorilla Glass is being driven from electronics manufacturers and mobile device makers.

Willow Glass was created using a glassmaking process named Fusion by Corning. The ingredients for the glass are melted at a scorching 500C and then rolling out a sheet. The continuous glass sheet resembles a printing press like process that is claims to make the manufacturing process easier and superior to current methods.

Corning is not the only firm looking to make super thin and flexible glass for practical use. Other firms from around the world have created products that have been made using graphene. This super thin and conductive display has allowed researchers to create flexible touch screens that may open new avenues for mobile manufacturers who can use the material to create ultra thin devices. Observers state that after the mass use of touch screen devices, manufacturers should be able to use the new innovations in displays to create products that can sense the user and the area around it. This could open up a whole new dimension for mobile use that currently does not exist.

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