How to Set Up Wifi in your Home

Technology has changed everything. Now you don’t need to sit at your computer to access the internet. It is the era of wireless technology that allows you to enjoy internet anywhere in your home. Furthermore, a Wifi connection gives the opportunity to use internet at a time on multiple devices.

Wifi is the need of the time. The new smartphones are just like computers, but to access internet on them, you need a Wifi connection. As far the features are concerned, Wifi is as good as a normal cable connection, if not better.

All you need to make your life convenient is to setup your own Wifi network. If you know how to run computers, this is certainly one of the easiest tasks for you. There is no need of cables, cords and plug-ins.

The internet providers usually offer new Wifi modems. Just turn on your modem and enjoy Wifi. But it surely has a few drawbacks. If you are using only Wifi modem, you cannot get internet through a cable.

As a result, your old Pentium computer that does not have built-in Wifi goes out of the picture. Therefore, it is always better to attach a Wifi router with your internet modem.


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    First of all, plug your wireless router into your internet modem. The router may have a separate power button. Make sure it is switched on.

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    Always place your Wifi router near the area you want to use internet from. It allows you have strong signals. If you are still getting weak signals, go even closer to the router. A few cheap routers give weak signals anyway. Connect your laptop/mobile to Wifi, and start using it.

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    Once the router is accurately installed, you need to change your settings. Go to the web and setup your security name and password in order to stop others from using your Wifi. Most of the internet providers offer a special web address from where you can change your settings.

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    After finishing with the configurations and password, test the connection more than once. Disconnect and then connect to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

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    Now you can use Wifi on as many devices as you can. But don’t forget that using too many devices at a time affects the internet speed. You should also name your connection, because there will be many Wifi hotspots showing up every day.

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