How to Make an Antenna for a Digital Television

With technology and products improving with each passing day, more people are showing interest in buying high definition televisions. However, the good news is that once you build an HD tuner and HDTV, all you need is a good antenna to watch free over the air HD broadcasts from TV states in your region. You can save your hard earned cash by building your own antenna at home. Making the antenna is very simple if you have the required tools and materials to make one. So to watch your favourite programs in HD, consider building your own Digital TV antenna.


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    Use the wire cutter to cut off the heads of coat hangers. Consider straightening each of the wires as straight as possible. This will help in pushing the wires down to the bare wire whilst removing any paint. Cut a 4 inch wide and 3 feet long piece of plywood. You will also have to remove any splinters.

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    Now use washers, screw driver, hammer, nails and screws to mount the gauge wire fencing to the rear side of the board. Place the wire so its length runs parallel to the length of the board. Connect the top of the wire with the top edge of the board. This point will be top of your Digital TV antenna.

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    Turn the board upside down and lay it flat on the surface. Starting from the top of the board put pencil marks every 4 inches. Distance between the marked line and side edge should not be less than 1 inch. Repeat the process for the other side of the board and produce another four pencil marks. Join the marks on both sides using a pencil.

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    Cut 8 pieces of the copper wire 15 inches long. Bend each wire directly from the middle so each leg is 7.5 inch long. Bend the wires into a V shape so there is a 3 inch distance between the two end of the legs. Use washers and screws to mount one the two bow-ties to eight marks on the board. Do not fully tighten the screws as yet.

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    Mount one end of the remaining pieces of copper wire to the screw in the right corner. Crossing over, mount the wire to the two middle bow-ties and cross back over. Mount the wire to the screw on the bottom right of the board. Repeat the process for the mount at the end of the screw at the top left corner.

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