How to Record TV Shows Using a Digital Conversion Box

Recording Television programs using an analogue VCR and Digital TV Conversion Box is not as hard as some of us may think. Installing a digital conversion box, you can record your favourite TV programs without missing a single episode. TV programs attract millions of viewers. Therefore, if you are unable to watch your favourite programs due to some personal or professional reasons, you should consider recording the program on your analogue VCR so you could watch it when you return to home. Remember that recording from a channel and watching a different channel is not possible.


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    Consider buying an LCD TV, if you do not have one. LCD TV’s of all sizes can be purchased from your nearest electronic store. Before plugging your TV and VCR, you will be required to connect the digital conversion box to your rabbit ears. Use pliers to tighten the connection.

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    Now install the cable from your conversion box. Consider connecting the Antenna IN on your VCR to the conversion box. Connect the system together using a threaded cable. This will ensure best image quality. Connect the TV to the cable from the VCR OUT. Once you have connected the system in this order, the conversion box will start sending video signals. You can then choose a channel to receive the signals.

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    Plug your brand new TV and VCR into the power supply. If the conversion box turns itself off automatically, consider changing the settings. It is advised to read the user manual before starting to make connections. Changing the settings will keep the conversion box turned on the entire time.

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    For recording a certain program while you are away from home, change the settings to program the VCR to record that channel. This VCR should be set to that channel on the conversion box to successfully record the program. If you are away from home most of the times, you should consider using a second TV/VCR system.

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