How To Tell Fake Apple Earphones

Apple produces one of the finest, top quality earpieces available all over the world. However, apple earpieces also have counterfeits that can look remarkably similar to the real thing. If proper care is not taken, one is likely to mistake a counterfeit version for the authentic ones without instant realization. For this reason, you must take into consideration a few guidelines in order to avoid getting ripped off. Read on to find out more on how to identify fake apple earpieces:


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    Check the casing for the apple logo: it should appear only twice. One on the middle-back area and the other on the top-front section of the casing. Most counterfeiters don’t pay attention to this little detail, so if you find the apple logo printed on random parts of the casing, then be sure to know it’s fake.

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    Original apple earpieces should fit in your ears warmly and should be perfectly comfortable. If it feels uncomfortable or hurts at all, then it’s most probably because it’s inauthentic.

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    Manufacturing country

    Most Apple earpieces are designed in the U.S (though a few are also manufactured in countries like, Mongolia, Taiwan and Korea), but assembled all the way in china.

    If yours were made in a country like Mexico or Haiti, then be rest assured it’s not the real thing.

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    Analyze the quality of the earpiece wire. If its original, then it should be thick, solid and flexible since it was made from top quality materials. Counterfeits usually use poor materials, thus they feel kind of light, soft and rigid.

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    Real apple earpieces come in a rectangular-shaped box with sharply written text. The fake ones might just come in a small white plastic case with no label or text written on it.

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    As far as buying an authentic pair of Apple earpieces is concerned, you might want to consider where it’s been sold. Of-course if you are looking to buy one in a place like an apple store, there’s no need to worry about authenticity.

    However, beware of certain places like anonymous dealer shops, flea markets and so on. The chances of finding a product that is a 100 percent genuine in such places are usually very thin.

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    After putting all these tips stated above into consideration, spotting the differences between the fake and the original apple earpieces should become much easier for you.

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