How to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

Remember that Super Bowl tickets are one of the most wanted seats in America and it will be an experience of a lifetime if you actually get to go. They are very costly and as a result, hard to get. The National Football League (NFL) offers their tickets through an odd combination of lottery, presents and team allocation. If you wish to go to the next Super Bowl, it is better to plan well in advance. You can observe the way tickets are sold and given as the football season goes on. However, if you are lucky and resourceful, you can go to the Super Bowl. There are various ways to purchase Super Bowl tickets by following some simple tips.

Things required:

– Credit cards


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    Search for season ticket holders of an NFL team

    First of all, find friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances who have season tickets for any of the teams participating in the Super Bowl. These season ticket holders are the best people to go to for Super Bowl tickets as they are entitled to a lot of tickets at a good price. See the tickets section of the team’s site to check if tickets for a particular Super Bowl game are available for sale.

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    Buy tickets from the internet

    If you want to buy a ticket for the Super Bowl, go to an online ticket marketplace such as and press on Super Bowl tickets to view a huge variety and prices for an NFL game. Be aware of the fact that websites like this will generally be your safest bet of scoring 50 yard-line seats. However, in order to do that you will need to pay over the odds. In addition, visit eBay and get in touch with credible sellers. Also, ask them beforehand how and when you will get the tickets for the game. Check to make sure that the payment you make is secure as well.

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    Ticket broker and online services

    Think about contacting a ticket broker as this person purchases tickets from season ticket holders and then sells them at a higher rate to make a profit. This is certainly not a legal practice in majority of states but they usually have the tickets that you want. Visit eBay and press on "eBay Stores" and click on “Tickets” and you will see a lot of ticket broker sites. Also, go to online concierge services as they can sometimes get you tickets for sold out events.

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    NFL Lottery

    If you want to try your luck with the NFL lottery then send them a letter and at the end of the regular season they will notify you if you won Super Bowl tickets. If you do win, then you will be able to buy Super Bowl tickets at the lowest prices. The chances of winning are slim, but it doesn't hurt to try. You can find all the details on the NFL's official website.

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