Top 10 Gadgets for Men

For the last couple of decades, there has been a constant increase in the usage of gadgets all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of gadgets are available for purchase. These gadgets perform a number of useful functions to facilitate everyday habits. For instance, you can use online maps, listen to music, perform basic calculations and at even ski on snow; all this and much more can be accomplished using specialised gadgets. Depending on the daily life use of a gadget and its popularity around the globe, it is easy to compile a list of ten gadgets that all men must have.


  • 1

    Rip Flash™ MP3-WMA Player and Recorder

    The Rip Flash™ MP3-WMA Player and Recorder is incredibly small and lightweight. It can save an audio recording of up to 30 hours, making it useful for business executives. 128MB of expandable memory makes Rip Flash™ an ideal gadget for listening to one’s favourite songs.

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  • 2

    The Hydro-Bronc - Water Walker

    The Hydro-Bronc - Water Walker works equally well for lakes, harbours and swimming pools. It comprises seven independent bladders making it the best gadget around when it comes to extreme sports/exercise vehicles.

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  • 3

    The i-Scape Head Mounted Display 3D

    When looking for a display headset, the i-Scape Head Mounted Display 3D should be the ultimate choice. It simulates a 52-inch screen from a distance of 6.5 feet and is compatible with almost all video sources. This makes the i-Scape Head Mounted Display 3D a must-have gadget for men who love watching movies and videos.

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  • 4

    Casio Colour Wrist Camera Watch

    The Casio Colour Wrist Camera Watch has all the features one can ever ask for in a sports watch. However, the highlight of this gadget is its ability to capture and save up to 80 high quality JPEG images.

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  • 5

    Little BadAss Miniature Motorcycle

    For motorcycle enthusiasts, this is a must have gadget. Even though the length of this motorcycle in only 62 inches, features such as variable-speed automatic belt drive and 5-inch rear drum brake make it a gadget worth having.

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  • 6

    Crosskate 616 Backcountry Skate

    If an unquenchable thirst for skiing keeps you on your toes almost all the time, consider investing in a Crosskate 616 Backcountry Skate. A PowerCarve™ steering system, disc brakes, 1-way clutch for uphill climbs and 10-in. x 2-in. air-filled pneumatic tires are some of the features which make the Crosskate 616 Backcountry Skate a must have gadget for men.

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  • 7

    Mocha P4 - Mini High-Power PC

    For people who need to use a PC while on the go, Mocha P4 - Mini High-Power PC is the best electronic gadget. As a matter of fact, the P4 - 2.6GHz processor and 1GB DDR RAM make it very famous all over the world.

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  • 8

    All-Terrain Mountain Boards

    For an off-road skateboarding experience, All-Terrain Mountain Boards are one of the best gadgets available to date. Drum style breaking system, freestyle hard bindings and not to forget a tool kit, make these boards incredibly fun to ride on.

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  • 9

    Motorized Inline Skate

    A pair of Motorized Inline Skate weighs about 16 pounds and can support weights up to 300 pounds. It is fitted with a 22.5cc two-stroke engine which means that one can travel at a speed close to 25 mph when wearing these skates.

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  • 10

    Casio Satellite Sports Watch

    The GPS Navigator found in this watch ensures that if you ever get lost, finding your way back does not become too much of a problem. Casio Satellite sports watch has all the features one can ever expect to find combined in a watch.

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