How to Take Down an Airzone Trampoline

Trampoline is not only a source of amusement for the kids and adults alike, it also make you indulge in physical activity without letting you know that you are exercising vigorously. Airzone Trampoline is specially intended for kids above 7 years of age and adults as well. Despite the fact that Airzone is made of rust-proof metal frame, most people prefer to take down the trampoline in winter and rainy seasons. It doesn’t matter what size of trampoline you have got, you can easily dismantle it within minutes and keep it in your store room during inclement weather.


  • 1

    Start up with removing the blue frame cover from the Airzone Trampoline by untying all the ties present at the frame. Once loosening up the frame, you can easily pull the cover from the frame and set it aside after folding it.

  • 2

    Unhook all the band clips one by one to untie the jumping mat from the trampoline. Unhook two clips at a time from opposite directions of the circle trampoline, otherwise the tension in the last few springs won’t let you unhook in the end.

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    Removing clips in such periodic manner will protect the frame from buckling or bending, or a permanent damage may incur to the trampoline or even can hurt you.

  • 4

    Fold the frame cover and the jumping mat simultaneously. Put all the springs or clips into a bag and store all these items.

  • 5

    You can see a U-shaped tubular metal leg of the frame and you have to unscrew it with a screwdriver. Once removing the metal leg, unscrew the extensions attached to the U-shaped part as well. Put the screws and pieces safely in your bag.

  • 6

    Now dismantle the two halves of the top rail by unscrewing that set-screws which grasps the two pieces of frame together. You will need the help of an assistant for this purpose. Hold on to one half of the frame while the other two helpers pull onto the other half to separate them.

  • 7

    Take an appropriate screwdriver and remove the set-screw on top-rail pieces. Pull out the tubes from the top-rail to set them apart.

  • 8

    Gather the frame parts, mat, frame cover and the bag in which you put the springs and screws. Put all these parts into the trampoline storage box or the container which comes along it.

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