What is Printer Fuser Overview

Laser printer is like a backbone of the printing and publishing industry. The high quality text and graphics on various advertisement, media and educational materials are as a result of laser printers. However, the laser printer might not able to perform this task without a “Printer Fuser.” It is simple and medium size tool in appearance but it has great functions. It is very essential part of laser printer and without it, the printed images would smear. Would you like to know more about this magical latest invention? Here we go…..


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    What is Printer Fuser

    Printer Fuser is basically one of the parts of the laser printer that makes the toner’s ink stick to the paper in order to print the image on the sheets. It is a connecting medium between the toner and the paper.

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    Components of Printer Fuser

    The two main components involved in the printer fusing process are the “heat and pressure.” Both of these components are controlled by the two heated rollers. Once the inserted papers pass the imaging drum of the printer and receive the toner, they simply pass between these two rollers, making up the fuser.

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    How it Works

    The simple steps involved in the functioning of a laser printer fuser are as given below:

    Once the laser printer receives graphics or document from the connected computer, the laser printer's Raster Image Processor (RIP) produces a bitmap, which is a line-by-line image of the document.

    A narrow laser beam, reflected by a mirror, then uses the recently produced bitmap as a template to flash its light right onto the image drum's photo receptive coating. Here the laser strikes, producing a negative (-) charge equivalent to one pixel of the white parts of the bitmap. As a result of it, the static electric negative (-) image draws the toner particles to the drum's shell as it rolls close to the toner.

    Now the gently sloping drum forces down the toner (containing fine, dust-like tiny particles of dry plastic powder mixed with coloring agents or carbon black) onto the inserted paper.

    Finally, the paper covered with the looser now rolls between the two heated roller/fuser rollers. Each of these rollers consists of an electrically powered heating element. The hot fuser rollers melt the plastic toner, which then gently fuses with the fibers in the paper. As a result, the toner hardens and do not smear even when touched. Enjoy the nicely printed materials!

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    Importance of Printer Fuser

    Printer fuser has great importance in the printing process. Without it, the toner’s ink would frequently smear and would become indecipherable after hands touched it.

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