How to Replace an Answering Machine with Voice Mail

Voice mail provides a number of advantages over an answering machine. It is simply accessible and can be used independently of the phone line, so crucial phone calls are not delayed by a bad signal. On the other hand, voice mail is better than an answering machine as it does not get affected by power outages or loose wires. It can seem like a daunting decision to replace an answering machine with voice mail, but it is extremely easy. There are many effective ways to successfully complete this course of action as soon as possible.


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    Buy a voice mail system

    Think how many mailboxes your voice mail system will require. Normal voice mail packages provide a single mailbox for all users. Moreover, an expanded service package offers several mailboxes that can be used from the voice mail’s menu option.

    Check how long your messages will stay in the mailbox. The mailbox maintains recorded messages for a certain time period before automatically deleting old messages. The time duration can be from two to three weeks.

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    Figure out the time and the amount of messages

    See how much time you need to give for a voice mail message. Majority of the companies give a 3 minute limit, while some may offer up to 5 minutes to leave a message. Also decide on how many messages the voice mail system should keep. Some companies provide storage of a space of 20 messages, with more storage if you buy an extended package.

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    Added features

    Search for the extra features with the package. Most advanced features will send your voice mail into a message, and then translate it to an email account that you have provided to them. Some will send you an email message to inform you about the voice mail, and other companies offer a number to call to see your voice mail remotely. A new development lets faxes to be sent to a voice mail system and sought by the owner whenever he or she wants.

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    Menu options of the voice mail system

    Dial into the system and get used to with the menu on offer. A lot of voice mail systems have certain instructions designed just for the very first user, but after that you will be assigned a pre-generated voice. You should know what various buttons can do, and do not be concerned if you don’t understand much about it.

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