How to Make a USB IPod Wall Charger

When you a buy a new mobile phone or an Apple iPod, you will get a removable USB charging cable with it. Not only this charging cable helps you transfer pictures and videos but also charge your iPod through your computer. However, unplugging and plugging the USB charging cable can turn out be a nightmare sometimes. Luckily, it is possible to make your own USB charging unit so you do not have to plug it in the computer every now and then. Using this charging unit, you can stay connected to your PC permanently.


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    If you are going to buy a new iPod, consider checking the quality of its USB cable. A USB charging cable is an extremely important item that helps you stay connected with your computer. It also helps the users transfer pictures and songs to their iPhone. A USB cable could also be used to connect to your computer’s internet network.

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    If you have decided to turn the USB charging cable into a charging unit, you should cut off its end. As soon as you cut the cable, you will be able to see a red and a black wire. The red wire is the power supply wire. The black wire will be running parallel to power supply wire.

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    Now use scissors to cut the USB charging cable’s female end. When you pull back the wire, you will be able to see another set of black and red wires. Consider striping the wires on each cable around two inches of the way down. Connect the red USB wire to the red charging wire and repeat the same for the two black wires i.e twist the black USB wire to the black charging wire. Alternatively, you could choose to join all the wires together but this not a recommended by the manufacturers.

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    Consider buying some electrical tape if you don’t have some. An electrical tape can be bought from any hardware and electronic stores. Use this tape to cover the exposed wires. You should never leave the wires exposed as this presents a significant danger to your children. Plug the USB cable into a device that uses the USB for charging and plug the charger into a wall socket. Now you can stay connected with your computer at all times.

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