How to Put Songs on a Coby Mp3 Player

Coby Mp3 Player is a product designed by Coby Electronics. There are a number of portable music players and MP3 players available in the market with the Coby brand associated with them. You can save hundreds of music files on your Coby MP3 player, depending on the memory of your gadget. Not all Coby MP3 Players are same. Yet, copying files to all of them require the same process. Therefore, whichever model of Coby MP3 Player you have, you can easily copy media files by using the Windows Media Player with ease.


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    Launch Windows Media Player and locate the “Sync” tab. Usually, the “Sync” tab is present at the top or at the left of the Window Media Player, depending on the version of the program you are using.

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    Connect your Coby MP3 Player with your computer, using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port available in your computer. Some Coby MP3 Players can directly be connected to the USB ports, while others require a cord to connect both the computer and the device with each other. Wait for the computer to detect the device. After the computer recognises your MP3 Player, its name will appear at the top right corner of the Windows Media Player.

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    Click the “Library” tab and double click the “Songs” option, which you will see in the middle of the screen. Now, search for the music files that you want to copy to your Coby MP3 Player. Whenever you find a file that you want to transfer to your device, right click on it and select the "Add to Sync List” from the menu that appears. Repeat the process for every file that you want to copy to your Coby MP3 Player.

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    After you are done with selecting the music files, click the "Start Sync" button available at the bottom of the window. It will start synchronising the files with your device. It will take some time to copy the files.

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    After the process is complete, you can right click on the icon with green a arrow on the right side of the task bar, to safely remove the Coby MP3 Player from the computer. After the explorer confirms the removal of the device, you can physically remove the MP3 player and turn it on to start using it.

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