How to Fix Ps3 Flashing Red Light

The PlayStation 3 is a very strong and reliable console. Nevertheless, there is one problem that a number of users find themselves with; the flashing red light showing on the front of the console. Moreover, this problem is not that common. This is normally due to overheating, which can be caused by a few factors such as dust build up, lack of ventilation system or disconnected or loose cables. Sony can fix this issue for you, but before you send your gaming console to them, there are several simple ways to avoid this plan of action.


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    Clean the machine yourself

    Switch off the PlayStation 3 and disconnect all the cables leading to the console. Blow air into each exposed connection to clear any dust build up. Remove heavy dust build up with the help of a dry cloth. Remember not to force the cloth too far into any connections in order to avoid disconnecting internal wiring.

    Clear dust from the fan at the back of the machine.  Blowing will not remove heavy build up, and a cloth normally cannot reach deep enough. Use an ear bud to reach into the fan and clear all the dust on it. Make sure you don’t push the ear bud too far than the fan’s blades to risk internal damage.

    Clean with a vacuum cleaner, the left over dust in the fan and exposed connection. This will clear any dust that you may have piled inside the machine while cleaning. Reconnect all cables and turn the PlayStation on. If the flashing red light still appears you will have to remove the hard drive.

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    Hard drive removal

    Turn the console off. You can release the hard drive by pressing the button on the outer side of the slot. Take the drive out of the system. Use dry cloth to remove the dust on it. You can use ear buds to clear the dust in deep places. Then turn the system on without the hard drive inside. Let the console fully boot, then switch it off and reinsert the hard drive.

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    Send the console to Sony

    Pack the console into its box or a bag. Only pack the machine without the hard drive. Fill the bag with newspaper or any other material to make sure it does not get damaged. Call Sony by getting their phone number from the website and get a customer receipt number and mailing address to contact them.

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